What is California Private Disability Insurance? 

In El Cajon, a person can be temporarily disabled. This means they are unable to work. Many people automatically would think of filing a claim with the worker’s compensation if they were hurt at work. They may automatically think they should file a claim for disability insurance with the federal government. It’s important to note that something like private disability insurance el cajon ca is not government insurance.

What is Private Insurance in California?

Short-Term Disability (STD) Insurance is private insurance that replaces a portion of the income a person loses because of an inability to work. The inability to work is caused by an illness or injury the person sustained. While the person is away from work, they receive a certain percentage of their income. This percentage is sent to the person for a specific period of time.

Some employers offer private insurance as part of their benefits packages. However, if an employee doesn’t offer the private insurance plan, then the individual can buy it on their own. This is done by contacting an insurance agent who sells private insurance policies.

Not Every STD Policy is the Same

Every short-term private insurance policy is different. Typically, the Human Resources department or the insurance agent is the best source to understand the specifics of the policy. Nevertheless, there are some general things you need to know about private insurance.

For example, all general private insurance policies have the same design. Either the person or their employer pays a monthly premium for coverage. If an injury or illness occurs and the person is prevented from working, they apply for benefits. This is done by speaking to the insurance agent or Human Resources representative.

Majority of the private disability policies require a document from a physician to explain the medical condition the person has. The document also must provide an estimate on how long they will be away from the job. An individual must still wait for a specific amount of time before receiving benefits. This is known as a waiting period.

The waiting period usually occurs between the time the person leaves work and the day the receive benefits. Each insurer may have different rules about when a person can actually receive their STD benefits. For example, an insurer may require the individual use all their sick days before receiving their first check.
Once the waiting period ends, they often receive their benefits. This is the amount of money the policy pays each week depending on their weekly pay. For instance, if a person earned $500 each week, their policy may pay 50 percent of their weekly pay. This means they will receive $250 each week.

Short-term private insurance is just that. It is temporary. Thus, the policy will pay out for approximately nine to 52 weeks. The person will stop receiving benefits at the end of this pay period. The person can return to work if they are medically cleared. If not, they may have to seek other options like long-term disability.